Hi there, I am beyond excited and grateful that you took the time to explore my little site.

A while ago, I decided to capture my thoughts into words that can be shared with others. Specifically I focus on topics of faith, meaning, and intentional living. While this may sound fancy and cool, my one desire is to invite readers to genuinely think about what they believe in and dare to dig deeper.

I believe your live has meaning and a purpose.

What I want to achieve with my writing is to figure out ways we can live with intention and love each and every day. In my view, no faith is meant to be a monotonous monologue, but a vibrant and whimsical journey with our Maker. In case I lost you right there, Iā€™m sorry, stick around a little to see what I mean.

Oh and since this is meant to be a bio here comes Savannah in two sentences: After completing a Bachelor of Religion, I pursued my Master of Arts in Theological Studies, and am now working as a freelance writer and designer. My think tank is an office with a deep-blue wall, I listen to blasting-loud soul music in my car (to which I may dance (when alone)), adore books, and am happiest with my husband and a good green tea.

I would like nothing more than to hear what you guys think. Shoot me a mail or subscribe to my newsletter.

Thank you for joining me on this endeavor I have set out on.